pvc mummification

Two strict latex ladies pvc mummificate submissive slave. more latex movie galleries look for latex fetish galleries


Latex dressed mistress strapon fucking slave

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latex mistress

Strict mistress in black latex suit fucking bounded sissy with strapon. more latex dominas you can find here latex mistress

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latex girl whipping male slave

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latex lady
br>Enjoy this latex gallery. See how latex girl whipping her bounded slave. more latex sex

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Latex domina ans sissy slave

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latex mistress

Sexy and strict domina in latex suit and her sissy slave. for more cruel latex mistress click latex bondage

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Wet Latex lesbians

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latex lesbians
Amazing Victoria Red and Malibu in tight latex catsuits enjoy strapon dildo fucking after waterwork.Click here for more fetish latex porn

History of fetish sex

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In the beginning of the 90’s, a whole series of alternative approaches of the body and sexuality – now common to
our every days life – were buzzing in the shadows, following the sexual liberation of the roaring 70’s. Only a small
number of persons were actively interested in the games of domination and submission, in bondage, in piercing
and even scarification, fetishism of the materials (in particular latex and leather), in sado-masochism who
explored the mystic of pain and pleasure. There were only a small number of clubs and you had to drive all the way
to Amsterdam to find some rare specialized magazines and one would always find those familiar faces on the
small private parties that were held in the utmost secrecy. It was quite rare to actually have a profession in one of
these activities.

Nowadays, pop-groups, films and world-known photographers are published and models are showing
clothing that was considered very underground back in those days. Big, enormous fetish parties are being held,
top designers and pop artists openly state their interest in BDSM, latex and high heels. Mainstream magazines
publish articles on how to dominate your partner while having sex, piercings are a common sight in all schools,
videoclips where whips and handcuffs are every day stuff. The internet is overwhelmed with information on BDSM
and professional dominatrixes are seen on almost every corner of the streets, advertising in mainstream or specialized magazines.

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Danny De Luxe

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She is beautiful,glamour, dominant & bizarre and indeed an impressive manifestation: born in Croatia, she has been
living in Munich and feeling at home in the local fetish scene for several years now.
On the international playground, Danny De Luxe has established herself as one of the most determined newcomers. Her
look is as provocative and full of sensuality as her own creativity. She loves to express her ideas and visual talents both
as a model and a designer, especially if it comes to extravagant styling, make-up and photography. denny de luxe
Latex has always been one of her inmost passions and her love for arts brought her with Gernot not only a highly
inspired friend, but also an ally in the exploration of the fetish world. Working with latex to create the new and bizarre
was the challenge that drove her to start this cooperation and become the front woman of GUMENA, a young latex label
specialized in the production of extraordinary masks with a special attention to the details.The result is an unique
combination of bizarre and glamour, which makes even long time fetishists wonder and at the same time mesmerizes
new adepts.

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Mistress Beverly began, “Kimberly has been my slave
for three years and wears my brand. I hesitate to say
Kimberly is my best slave, as they are all different,
but Kimberly is easy to train. For a slave, Kimberly
knows much of the history of dominance and is
current on kinky latex fashions. However, like most
slaves, Kimberly has limits and exhibits bad slave
behavior by exhibiting herself to almost anyone.
Miss Lydia remarked, “I have sent Kimberly several
email’s and I think I could really have some fun with
her, Mistress Beverly.” Miss Lydia took a box from
the car.
Mistress Beverly got out of her black M3. She wore a
black leather jacket, bustier, and skirt with matching
5-inch pumps. Miss Lydia was wore a short green
latex backless dress. Miss Lydia also wore gold
earrings in the shape of an “X”.
Next, Miss Lydia took me for a ride.
Sweat formed on my forehead. Miss Lydia got off
me and then presented me with a blue latex corset
with nipple holes. After I changed into the corset,
Miss Lydia attached a leash to my collar and led me
back to Miss Beverly’s condo about a block away.

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Rubber is special, you either love it or hate it. I can see
that GUMENA loves it. She is special, like the smell of
rubber. Captivating, interesting and mysterious.
What you didn’t knew is that
she actually makes these masks! Contact her and realize
your special rubber dream. Recommended by Secret!
mistress gumene

The duo gives to their masks their own interpretation of
most fetishist obsessions: in GUMENA’s world you will
find the bizarre dolly and the rubber pony, weird nurses
and evil nuns, soldiers and pirates and even much more.
If this shouldn’t be enough, Danny De Luxe and Gernot
openly greet any special wishes for a new custom-made
GUMENA – which in Croatian means «the woman made
of rubber» – takes the passions and thoughts of her
creators to the surface and opens new perspectives for
the likeminded. So we should not be surprised by the
huge feedback they are receiving from all over the
world. Let’s see what surprises they still have for us!

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Mistress Antoinette

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Professional Domina in 1995. Before then, I had ‘normal’ jobs, but was never considered norma.
I have been a boot freak all of my life. I cannot pinpoint
why. But the look and the feel – Ahhhh! The shine and

strength of the patent, the very high and sharp heels
MMMMMM! I can only say, they are like my armor. I have
many pair of custom latex boots from Little Shoe Box, and they
are my treasures. My most loved pair is my newest,
however. A pair of rubber and leather knee boots By
Natacha Marro. I can run in this pair of 7-inch stiletto boots!
I wore boots as a child, many pictures of me in little red
cowboy boots.
I very much like sissyfying ?. The whole of it. Playing Barbie
with boys. I want to take it as far as I can; even to the point
of having them pass in public. This takes quite a bit of
work actually, so I will begin the process only with
someone that has the desire and time and must also have
the funds for the alter ego’s wardrobe. I love to create
humiliation scenes. The longer the better. I love to take
them so far down…rock bottom. Head Mistress of the loser
slut blueballed whimpering wankers Academy. The energy
we pass to and from can make me almost floating. I often
say I am drunk with power and it is the truth. I see in their
eyes the intoxication from what they experience as
well. And last but not least, I enjoy corporal punishment,
especially canings. Interrogations and the Courtroom are
big fun as well. Naturally, I am Judge and Jailer. Poor,
poor little criminal! As the bond forms and I come to know
each slave – his goals and limits, our play does progress,
and we go to wonderful places together. That is what I
want. To go to some other place. To let it all just unfold
and unfold. Feels good just thinking about that kind of
journey, doesn’t it?

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Providing complete immobility and feelings of submission
offered by other bondage techniques, mummification
remains exclusive in its unique ability to attain certain
physical and emotional elements usually unparalleled by
those other methods. While mummified, the bottom
experiences a feeling not of being restrained, but taken
completely out of the body, as though floating in some
astral plane, free from weight, feeling, sight, and sound.
The awareness that remains is only of one’s essence
becoming intensely focused on the minute details of any
sensations which may remain such as heartbeat, breathing
and/or thoughts. This specialized type of bondage
includes the whole body, including the head (using a
breathing tube), wrapped tightly with materials such as
plastic wrap and duct (gaffer’s) tape or elastic cloth or
latex bandages until the bottom is completely immobilized.
In some mummification wrappings, holes are left open for
access to the genitals and/nipples, etc. In advanced
variations of mummy play, additional elements such as
plaster casting, unique gags, catheters, and/or electrostimulation
are incorporated into the mummification scene.

latex bondage
Basically, the most popular method for mummifying is with
plastic wrap. There are many techniques for wrapping,
but the easiest for starting out is wrap the arms and torso
first, then the head and last are the legs so the bottom
can be guided to a prone position, unless the Top decide
to attach the bottom upright to a post or wall. One of the
more enjoyable aspects of mummification is the fact that
it is usually quite a long procedure. Wrapping a bottom in
any type of material is a lengthy process, which adds even
more emotional and psychological elements to the entire
session. The Top can use this as a mind control play, slowly
wrapping various parts of the body, further driving the
bottom mad from the impatience of awaiting completion.
Many Tops love this aspect, as well as the «freedom» they
are allowed by having their bottom «nicely preserved» for
an hour or so, to enjoy a good book or make fudge!
Regardless of the situation, mummy play takes time,
patience and an absolute understanding between Top and
bottom of complete trust and safety, since there is an
absence of the usual forms of communication used to
verify the bottom’s responses.
Other methods of complete sensory deprivation are the
use of deprivation «boxes» and floatation tanks. These
highly sophisticated methodologies were developed in
scientific and medical experiments going back in history
for both health treatments and investigation of human
mental and physical aptitudes. The boxes were designed
with complete sound proofing, sealed from light or smells,
allowing only oxygen in for breathing. Many in the BDSM
community have created their own adaptation of these
boxes for their own personal sensory deprivation play,
including electro-stimulation devices, controlled on the
outside of the box by the Top and/or light spectrum flashing
for mind altering effects and/or speakers which can be
turned on and off for music or any choice of sounds
administered by the Top. The complexity of these
deprivation boxes are only limited by the imagination of
their creator.

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Leggy latex Dominas

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Sexy and leggy dominas in latex outfit in outdoor ponyman action

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Two latex dressed mistresses

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Two latex dressed mistresses and slave in hot pvc action

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